Philippine Environment Month Celebration 2009 Theme: Cleaning the Air for a Safer Climate: What Would it Take?

Philippine Environment Month Celebration 2009 Theme: Cleaning the Air for a Safer Climate: What Would it Take?

The month of June is declared as the Philippine Environment Month pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 237. This is to foster public awareness about the urgent need to preserve our environment

Here are simple acts we can do for cleaner air and a safer climate: 

  1. Go Smoke-Free
    • Use clean fuels for cleaner air and healthier environment. Clean fuels such as biofuels, ethanol and compressed natural gas emit fewer pollutants.
  2. Maintain your vehicle’s engine to clean the air by:
    • Checking cleanliness of your car’s air cleaner
    • Changing oil periodically
    • Checking steering wheel free play
    • Following recommended tire pressure
    • Keeping wheels properly aligned
    • Making sure that battery, alternator, voltage regulator and fan are in good working condition
    • Making sure that brakes do not drag or bind
    • Checking fuel line connections
    • Not overloading your vehicle
    • Have airconditioning units of your vehicles tested to check if refrigerant is ozone-friendly.
  3. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
    • A healthy lifestyle means saying no to smoking.
    • Smoking damages nearly every organ in the human body, and is linked to at least 10 different cancers.
    • Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones.
    • Yes to good health! Go organic.
    • Prepare your food the environment-friendly way.
  4. Conserve Energy, Clean the Air
    • Increased consumption of electricity means more burning of fossil fuels by power plants that contributes to global warming
    • Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
    • Use energy-efficient lighting, equipment and appliances
  5. Ways to Beat Climate Change: Waste Not!
    •   Avoid burning of garbage. Practice waste segregation, reuse and recycling.
    •   Choose recycled products.
    •   Choose products with recyclable packaging.
    •   Reuse paper bags.
    •   Recycle paper, plastics and materials
    •   Print and photocopy on both sides of the paper.
  6. And a Lot More!
    • When traveling alone and not in a hurry, take the mass railway transit or any form of mass transport instead of your car or a taxi.
    • Walk or ride a bike when traveling short distances.
    • Plant trees and ornamental plants in your surroundings. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.
    • Share rides with your neighbors, officemates, and friends.
    • Plan your trips.
    • Have your vehicle’s emission tested prior to registration.

(Source: DENR:Environmenlatl Management Bureau)



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