The LGPMS is a self-assessment management and development tool that enables local governments – provinces, cities, and municipalities – to determine their capabilities and limitations in the delivery of essential public services. It is neither a scorecard nor a rating system to “measure” specific LGUs and promote competition. 

The LGPMS is being spearheaded by the DILG, through the Bureau of Local Government Supervision, in collaboration with major stakeholders, i.e., LGU Users, LGU Leagues, Civil Society Organizations, Business Community and International Development Partners. 

The LGPMS looks into a local government as five Performance Areas and 17 Service Areas. Within these areas are pre-defined indicators  categorized into input, output and outcome to reflect LGU management capacity, service provision and development condition, respectively. 


  1. Governance – Local Legislation; Transparency; Participation
  2. Administration – Development Planning; Revenue Generation; Resource Allocation and Utilization; Financial Accountability; Customer Service; Human Resource Management and Dev’t.
  3. Social Services – Health and Nutrition; Education; Housing and Basic Utilities; Peace, Security and Disaster Preparedness
  4. Economic Development – Agriculture and Fisheries Dev’t.; Entrepreneurship, Business and Industry Promotion
  5. Environmental Management – Natural Resources Management; Waste Management and Pollution Control



  • Primary Users – Local Government Units
  • Secondary Users – National Government, LGU Leagues, Business Community, Civil Society Organizations & International Development Partners




  1. For Local Government Units
    • Improves local government management and operations
    • Suggests ways to provide high quality, essential public services
    • Improves planning, budgeting, and rational allocation of resources
    • Stimulates innovations
    • Strengthens transparency, accountability and participation
    • Helps achieve a focused vision for the future 
  2. For National Government Agencies & LGU Leagues
    • Serves as a common national platform of information about LGU performance
    • Provides benchmarks for local gov’t. performance
    • Provides a basis for capacity-building initiatives
    • Identifies good local governance & sustainable dev’t. practices
    • Provides a basis for strategic allocation of resources and assistance to LGUs
  3. For Civil Society Organizations and the Business Community
    • Serves as a medium for better awareness of LGU operations  & challenges
    • Conveys citizens’ agenda to local government officials
    • Stimulates effective participation in governance 
  4. For International Development Partners
    • Provides information benchmarks for local government performance
    • Facilitates more focused assistance to LGUs



The LGPMS generates information that helps the stakeholders to work together as partners in the pursuit of good local governance, through:

  1. Provision of results-oriented information concerning levels of LGU management capacity, service delivery and state of development from which may evolve decisions or actions to optimize investments or resources.
  2. Establishment of LGU performance benchmarks.
  3. Generation of strategic data for local and national policy development



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